Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa

For any person who may be interested in obtaining a residence permit in the European Union (Schengen Space) while performing, at the same time, a profitable investment, Portugal offers, since 2012, a special residence permit for investment activities, better known as the “Golden Visa”.

The Golden Visa is a residence permit which can be obtained by three different forms of investment, one of them being the acquisition of real estate with a value equal or above € 500,000.00.

This visa can be very interesting for foreign nationals who want to obtain free access to the European Union territory, without any restrictions, and no necessity of an actual permanence in that territory (with the exception of the minimums identified below).

Furthermore, investing in real estate in Portugal can be an excellent business opportunity as Portugal's main cities, Lisbon and Porto, are getting increasingly popular for tourists, foreigners who want to settle in the South of Europe and students studying abroad offering very competitive yields.

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